Fish oil comes from the tissues of oily fish like tuna, herring, salmon, and sardines. It is recommended that you eat 1-2 portions of fish a week, but if you do not eat 1-2 portions or eat fish at all, taking fish oil is very beneficial.

Fish oil has plenty of benefits which include decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke while also helping reduce symptoms such as depression, hypertension, ADHD, joint pain, arthritis and chronic skin ailments like eczema. Taking fish oil may also aid in weight loss, fertility, pregnancy and boost in energy.

  1. Good for your heart and lowers risk of CVD
  2. Those with ADHD could benefit from taking fish oil to prevent behavioral disorders later in life.
  3. May prevent symptoms of Alzheimer ’s disease
  4. Studies show that fish oil reversed all anxiety and depressive behavior.
  5. Support and protect eye health
  6. Boost immune system
  7. Beneficial for hair and skin
  8. Increase fertility and support pregnancy
  9. Aid in weight loss
  10. Improve bone health
  11. Reduce asthma symptoms
  12. Diminish arthritic pain
  13. Lower risk of diabetes

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