Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

Our office has made COVID testing even easier and more convenient for you! There’s
already so much else to worry about, your visit with us should not be one of them!


In addition to call or email, you can now text us to set up an appointment!

Tired of sitting around filling out paperwork in the office? Now you can
complete all necessary forms online in the comfort of your own home!


Looking to avoid contact with other patients? Our setup seeks to reduce
interaction as much as possible.


Getting Tested


Are you exhibiting the following

– Cough
– Fever or chills
– Shortness of breath/difficulty
– Muscle or body aches
– Fatigue
– Nausea or vomiting

Call, email or text us to set up an

What happens next? Screening, video
visit, then come on in for in-car testing!

Not showing symptoms but
want to get tested?

Call, email or text us to set up an

What happens next? Screening, then
come in for a test!

Even if it’s not


We’ve got you

We also test for other sicknesses such as the flu.
Interested? Set up an Appointment with us!


Nasal Swab Testing

Patients are tested via nasal swab. We use nasal swab testing because it offers the most accurate results available.

Results for COVID-19 tests are usually obtained within 24-48 hours. Once our office receives your results, we will communicate them to you.

Why should you get tested? Click here for more information


Your safety, Our priority

We are deeply committed to protecting your health and safety while also providing
the face-to-face physician interaction you deserve. We have worked hard to
implement our unique system that optimizes your safety without hindering your
patient-care experience.
If you have any additional questions about our system or guidelines feel free to
contact us!

Corporate testing

Already back in the office or wanting to make that transition, but want to maintain a safe workplace? Get your employees tested on-site. Visit our Corporate Testing page for more information.


“This office does not provide emergency care. If you think you have a life threatening condition, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room”



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