Urgent Care Services

What types of medical conditions are considered urgent?

Life-threatening emergencies, such as a heart attack or a serious head injury, require a visit to the Emergency Department (also commonly referred to as the Emergency Room (ER) at hospitals). Urgent medical conditions are ones that are not considered emergencies but still require care within 24 hours

We Treat The Following Urgent Care Cases:

Broken Bones


Bites & Stings

Cuts (Lacerations)




Ear Infections




Sprains & Strains

Strep Throat

Female Complaints

Urinary Issues

Skin Infections

Sun Burn


What are the advantages of seeing your primary care doctor for urgent care visits instead of going to the emergency room?

The primary function of an emergency room is to provide care for emergent and life threatening conditions. Patients with non-emergent issues typically must wait for long periods before being seen – sometimes hours, and because of the types of resources used in ER settings, the costs of emergency room care are also very steep. Plus, the long period spent waiting in emergency rooms can expose patients to many types of germs, which can increase the risk of other illnesses occurring. Most importantly, you will be seen by a provider unfamiliar with your medical history and possible preexisting conditions which might hasten the quality of care you receive.

Do I need to call for an urgent appointment?

Yes. Our Staff is dedicated to accommodate our patients with needs for an urgent visit. In most instances, we are able to provide you with a same day appointment for your urgent visit.


“This office does not provide emergency care. If you think you have a life threatening condition, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room”



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